Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. They use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, & ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the product range is of the highest natural quality.  By mid 2019 Kevin Murphy has pledged that all his products will be packaged in plastic that has been harvested from the ocean and recycled ….. way to lead the plastic revolution!


Manic Panic Professional Colour Hair Dye; a line of vibrant semi-permanent hair colours in a unique, translucent gel base, available exclusively to salons.
This range of exciting shades is sure to please hair dye lovers and dye-hards alike. Here are the colours you’ll find in a Manic Panic pro-line swatches.


Milkshake uses ingredients such as milk and yogurt proteins and fruit extracts which enhance the hair’s natural beauty.
The products have been created with an awareness of their environmental impact and a solid commitment to minimising such impact by reducing sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride in the product formulas and opting for packaging and printed materials that can be recycled. Nature is our ally and we want to respect it.


Alter Ego colour uses a unique keratin delivery system, which works on different levels to counteract the compromised structure of the hair whilst delivering micro colour pigments.  It regenerates  the hairs cortex, whilst restoring keratin and protein substances to the hair.
This all means that we deliver beautiful colour to your hair without compromising the condition of your hair and scalp.
Alter Ego have been researching and developing hair colour for the last 100 years, we feel they’ve got it handled.